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    Fire Cabinets

    The fire cabinet system is the system with the water coming from the pump station or the free pipeline until the nozzle at the end of the hose in the fire cabinet. The purpose of the installation is to provide reliable and sufficient water in fire fighting inside the building. For this reason, the fire brigade water intake line and fire cabinets are positioning inside the building. 

    TS EN 671-1 certified semi-rigid rubber hose fire cabinets and TS EN 671-2 certified flat hose fire cabinets are manufactured by the ATAK. The cabinets have a CE certificate and the hoses used have TS EN 694:2014, TS 9222, and TS EN 14540:2014 certificates.

    Optionally produces glass covers have thermally tempered safety glasses, and internal-external durability is reinforced with electrostatic paint on the latest technology automatic lines. 

    ATAK fire cabinets, which have nearly 50 types, are modelled on a project basis without compromising product and quality, and all the models are resistant to high pressure and climatic conditions.

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