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    Fire Drill and Training

    Fire Drills: A fire drill is a method of practising how a building would be evacuated in the state of fire or other emergencies. The purpose of a fire drill is to familiarize and reinforce proper evacuation routes and practices.  The goal is to have the proper actions be an automatic response whenever fire alarms sound thus that everyone safely evacuates the area in an orderly manner. To fulfil your legal obligations following the regulation of fire protection, at least the fire drill must be conducted once a year within the results must be recorded and kept as part of your fire safety and evacuation plan.

    Fire Safety Training: Fire safety training courses have been developed to arm your employees, or selected members of your team, with the necessary knowledge and technical ability, should a fire ever occur. There are many types of fire safety training courses provided by the ATAK. You might get free information from ATAK fire experts about the most appropriate fire safety training and certification according to your needs when choosing your course criteria.

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