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    Fire Installation Periodic Control Inspection

    The fire installation system established to prevent loss of life and property that may arise in a fire is very important.

    The fire installation established against fires that may occur at any time should be prepared in advance. The fire system is used in hospitals, schools, apartments and large facilities. Maintenance and periodic checks of the installation and equipment in this system must be made.

    The fire Installation is subjected to the “The Regulation of Health and Safety Requirements for the Use of Work Equipment” and the “Turkey’s Regulation on Fire Protection”. Unless otherwise defined in the relevant standards specified in this regulation, periodic controls of the installations are made once a year.

    Fire Installation is made in accordance with the criteria specified in TS 9811, TS EN 671-3, TS EN 12416-1 + A2, TS EN 12416-2 + A1, TS EN 12845 standards.

    Atak helps you to prevent a possible dangerous event and to meet your legal requirements by presenting the deficiencies, non-conformities or dangerous situations detected as a result of the fire installation controls with its expert team and equipment.

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